The Oblivion Tour is a collection of like-minded individuals who enjoy wearing lycra, drinking coffee, eating cake and taking on daft cycling challenges.

The Oblivion Tourists are spending lots of time cogitating about the forthcoming 2018 Tour.

Last year, we took on the magnificent Ring of Kerry. There were a lot of parts to the Tour. The weather played a part (a good part) maintaining our Tour tradition of getting us wet on a minimum of 25% of every Tour, but only on the last day. The Lord Major of Cork, Tony Fitzgerald, was kind enough to meet us, not once but twice (a great part). Finally, the scenery played a breath-taking part of the Tour.

This followed the 2016 Tour from Lands End to John O’Groats, the magnificent Northern Spain tour of 2015, the 2014 tour of the wonderfully hospitable 6 Counties of Northern Ireland, the 2013 London to Brussels Tour and 2 Tours from London to Paris.

If you want to see what we have coming next, visit our brand new Calendar page.

But, as always, we will feel no pain – and whatever we do, we will do it with style!