2017 Spring Onion

This was an officially sanctioned Oblivion Tour training ride!

This was conceived in the wake of last years very excellent Gloucester Sausage and was the brainchild of Lord Hunter – and what a great day it was too!

Oblivioners from all over the country convened at G!ro cafe in Esher for a very civilised 10am coffee and cake start – but, in true Oblivion style, this was not just any cake but a birthday cake extravaganza celebrating a couple of the ‘old boys’ in the group surviving another year.

Then it was off for a tour of some of the most beautiful parts of Surrey (and enduring some of the most shocking roads!).

The route took us south from Esher, through Ockham and up to the top of Newlands Corner before a fast descent down and then a gentle meander through the lovely villages of Albury, Wonersh, past Lord Hunters butlers residence (?).

Thankfully we then arrived at pretty Cranleigh where a very nice cafe served us more coffee and cake!

Then we took the (slow) sprint back over the Surrey Hills, up the vicious Coombe Lane hairpin finishing with the run back to Claygate.

Lord and Lady Hunter put on a fantastic BBQ spread and we are all very grateful to Phillip and especially Fiona for their kindness and hospitality.

We feasted while we sat in the sun and talked about Strava segments, the importance of buying a new bike and whether you can in fact have too much cake!

A common thread running through the entire day (aside from the omnipresent spring onion) was the excitement building towards the full 2017 Oblivion Tour to the magnificent Ring of Kerry. Read more about that HERE.

And let’s just spare a thought for one of the Oblivion Tourists, our trusty Coins (aka Phil Battye) who is soon to embark on what promises to be an epic challenge.

The mighty MizMal challenge!

In late June, Coins takes on the Ireland Head to Head. This mammoth 600 mile trek will see Phil and 3 friends (Roger Carter, Arwel Roberts and….. the other guy) cycle from the very southern most point of the isle of Ireland at Mizen Head to the northerly most point of the island at Malin Head.

It promises to be an arduous but brilliant trip and we all wish Phil and his mates the best of luck and the very best of weather!!

What could possibly go wrong?


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