10. Decisions, Decisions!

day-10-coffeeLEJoG Day 10

Now, a question that each person has to answer in preparation for a trip like this is; “What do you want out of the trip?” This simple question is important because it shapes how you want to approach the trip.

There are some people in our group who are very focused on speed and getting from A to B.

There are others (and we are in that group) who are determined to try and make the most of every moment.

Neither approach is better than the other – it is just an important decision to be made!

day-10-coffee-2With that in mind, and with last night’s luminous curry in our digestive systems, we set off in the early morning gloom from the hostel in Spean Bridge in search of a good coffee and a nice bit of breakfast. We found it at the wonderful Café Eighty2 where Fee and Megan served us bacon and egg sandwiches on home-made bread – delicious! We even had dates to have with our coffees, would you believe!day-10-coffee-3

While we sat enjoying our coffee, the heavens opened and so we enjoyed a second cup.

Sadly, we lost our cycling buddy, Martin the Machine Blewett, at the drink stop immediately after the coffee stop. There is a rumour that he had a better offer than climbing the big hill immediately after lunch – but he also seemed to have something of a fever brought on by the wettest LEJoG that the organisers can ever remember.

The torrent continued for the next couple of hours, but it didn’t dampen our enjoyment of even more magnificent scenery.

day-10-loch-nessglenmorangieThere were many moments when Scotland’s beauty snuck through the clouds, like when we went past Loch Ness.

It is alleged that one of the 3 actually spotted the Loch Ness monster. However, unlike many sightings it was clear that the monster wasn’t black but was in fact quite bright white, with a pointy nose and was moving at speed as she was creating quite a wake – special moments!

As the long day wore on, and we continued north, it was a pleasant diversion that our last drink stop was at the Glenmorangie Visitor Centre.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had another mechanical drama when a spoke broke on his back wheel making his wheel wobbly which meant a late arrival at the drink stop!img_1206

Amazing how a bit of red tape meant that he could keep going and limp to the last drink stop.

From there it was the final push up, at speed,  to our night stop in Brora and our first sight of the North Sea.

We felt that it was particularly heartwarming that this run was supported by a number of drivers who honked their horns and waved their support to us as they drove past ridiculously close and at ridiculous speeds.

Maybe they were also people who were very focused on getting from A to B as fast as possible.

The Royal Marine hotel is lovely although our bikes are now stored on a curling ice rink!

Tomorrow, we head up to Thurso as our penultimate days riding, before our final push to John o’Groats.

It is beginning to seem very real that we might actually make it from one end of the country to the other … who would have thought it??!!


Day 10 Synposis:

Distance: 97.6 miles

Time – Cycling: 6 hours 50 mins

Speed – Average: 14.3mph  Max: 42.7mph

Amount of climbing: 4,721ft

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 10




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