9. Electricals, Digitals and Mechanicals!

LEJoG Day 9

Electricals, Digitals and Mechanicals!

img_1159Well Day 9 has been a tough one, not to mention a wet one!

Despite the rain, there were many highlights including Electricals, Digitals and Mechanicals!

So we left Loch Fyne in the pouring rain (again).crauchan-photo_visitor_centre




Our first coffee stop wax was at the Scottish Power  (Electricals) power generator Crauchans visitor centre…shocking stuff! (groan) .. where we had hot chocolate and cake (their coffee machine had broken down).

img_1167Our second range of stoppages were for photos (Digitals), because the scenery continues to be absolutely breathtaking and not to be missed, despite the weather.

Our Third stoppages were mechanical problems with Jonathan’s bike resulting in us finding the only bike shop in Fort William.

Coincidentally the bike shop was filled with other LEJoG riders solving problems!

One particularly poignant moment came when our friend and fellow LEJoG-er, Gary Maddog Owens found that his 20 year old cycling shoes had finally bit the dust, in spite of all the red tape that had been holding them together.img_1172

So there was a very moving moment when he said good bye to his old shoes while his fellow riders offered a silent tribute with the Last Post being hummed in the background. Gary shed a tear although it is not quite clear whether that was as a result of the sad loss of his old new shows or the £120 price tag of his new ones!!

A good day, but an exhausting one!



Day 9 Synposis:day-9

Distance: 95.1 miles

Time – Cycling: 6 hours 35 mins

Speed – Average: 14.4mph  Max: 37.4mph

Amount of climbing: 5,868ft

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 9



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