8. To all Scots …

LEJoG Day 8

What a country!nardinis2

We were not happy to be leaving Kilmarnock for more cycling in the rain!

But when we got to our first drink stop in Largs (which ended up being in the lovely Nardinis Cafe, which I am reliably informed is owned by the family of actress Daniela Nardini as in “This Life”) the rain eased.

Then we started to get a taste of how beautiful and dramatic Scotland really is:img_1113

img_1146 img_1117

We took the ferry from Gourock to Dunoon.img_1142


Of course, it is always important to keep a watch on the little people, as this ferry sign aptly reminded us.

We then had a very pleasant lunch at the Benmore Botanical Gardens … or more accurately in a barn at the Benmore Botanical Gardens – the second barn lunch in 2 days. But this was a lovely barn. Full of barnly things but pleasingly not smelling of cows! Not that we mind the smell of cows, but it’s just not a great smell when you are trying to construct yourself a club sandwich with nice pink ham and some strange white opaque sort of ham.

Anyway, we digress.

The afternoon was a blur of wonderful rolling roads, placid lochs and stunning scenery. We spotted Inverary across the far side of Loch Fyne approximately 1/2 mile away – but it took another 15 miles before we finally arrived at Inverary, passing the Inverary Jail, the Fyne Ale Brewery and then our destination for the evening, the Loch Fyne Hotel, for dinner and early to bed!

Tomorrow is the big day that we are all looking forward to and dreading.

We are dreading it because we will have to cycle 95 miles, but this will include 0ver 7,500 feet of climbing. This will be the most many of us have ever climbed in a single day … and this after already having had 8 days of tough cycling!

We are looking forward to it because we have all fallen in love with Scotland – even after such a brief taster – and just want more of it!!

You don’t need us to tell you, but to all our Scottish colleagues, family and friends we say;



Day 8 Synposis:day-8

Distance: 82.3 miles

Time – Cycling: 5 hours 54 mins

Speed – Average: 14.0mph  Max: 38.7mph

Amount of climbing: 2,287ft

Relive the route: LEJoG Day 8



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