7. Welcome to Scotland!

IMG_1101LEJoG Day 7

Last night being in the same hotel as Mark Cavendish and the entire Tour of Britain entourage was a talking point. This morning, we got a chance to see the professional set-up, up, close and personal … and it was very impressive. Then it was time to leave Carlisle and continue on our relentless journey northwards.

After only 10 miles, we crossed into Scotland.

Like piranhas in a tank, there was an absolute frenzy of photo-taking and the excitement and emotion of having got this far was palpable!

IMG_1091We therefore did the only thing that pro-cyclists can do in those tense situations …. we had coffee and cake (with our good mate Martin Bluett)!IMG_1093

Then after a fleeting stop to refill the water bottle(s) we hurtled slowly towards Dumfries and had the opportunity to catch up with our good mate, Stuart Callander (who runs the excellent Metrik Office serving Dumfries and the surrounding areas).

When he asked what route we were taking north, we told Stuart that we were going to be on the A76 almost all the way up to Kilmarnock. Stuart was being very supportive (with a wry smile) when he said “Och, that’s a horrible road … with loads of HGV’s rushing up and down … but at least it’s not raining!”

So, with Stuart’s motivational words ringing in our ears, we left Dumfries and it started to rain!

It rained all the way up the A76 until we got to the lunch stop which was in a cow shed. Now we have nothing against cow sheds, but we were cold, wet and hungry. But the farmer loans Discover Adventure this cow shed for free and this keeps the cost down, and this means that more money can go to the charities, is the logic.IMG_1107IMG_3995.JPG

We left the lunch stop and it carried on raining. In fact, it rained all the way up to 10 miles outside Kilmarnock. Then the sun finally broke through and we started to get glimpses of the lovely rolling Scottish countryside.

The last drink stop provided a welcome surprise for one of the trio – can you guess which one?

There are 3 specific highlights that we’d like to share today;

Making it to Scotland – when you hear about the casualties that this trip has already incurred, this is not a given! Another significant crash today with one of the guys on the tour going over his handlebars, another being taken to hospital with chest pains and yet another taken off the bike after struggling with asthma yesterday following the very wet day up from Preston. This trip is absolutely not for the faint-hearted!

Your kindness and generosity – the totals on our two Just Giving sites continue to grow and Jonathan, Andy and Steve are all immensely grateful for your kindness and your generosity! Thank youDay 7 scrooge.

Facebook Banter – we all understand that there is a certain sadistic pleasure that can be gained from the fun of social media – but it is made for things like this and the 3 of us now seem to be in competition to see who can post the most unflattering, banter-encouraging picture of each other – and we are absolutely loving your involvement!! It gives us a real boost to know that you are not only looking at the daft stuff we are doing and posting, but that you are joining in – this is fantastic support, thank you!

Tomorrow we head off for what we have been told is going to be one of our loveliest days of cycling!!

But perhaps just one last chore to be done …IMG_1112


Day 7 Synposis:day-7

Distance: 94.5 miles

Time – Cycling: 6 hours 12 mins

Speed – Average: 15.2mph  Max: 32.2mph

Amount of climbing: 3.228ft

Relive the route: LEJoG Day 7



7 days


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