5. Wet, Wet, Wet!

LEJoG Day 5

When we woke this morning in Shrewsbury, the sun was just peaking above the horizon.

When we peaked outside the hotel doors with our bikes, the rain was just dropping from the sky – and it continued to do that for 8 hours!!

The one thing about cycling in the rain is that there is very little pleasure involved. You get rain coming from above, and then you get a constant deluge of rain from the cyclist in front (who obviously doesn’t have mudguards) and from passing cars. Then there is the spray that comes up from you own front and back tyres (as obviously you don’t have mudguards on your own bike) which allows you to get a real taste for the road!

But we were still buzzing from a great with the Oblivion gang and friends the night before, so after a quick photo of the hotel, we set off in the rain. And we got wetter and colder. So much so that we decided to deviate from the Discover Adventure plan and forego lunch and the drink stops so that we would get to the hotel quicker.

Drowned Rats

At one point, Andy went ahead to scout for a coffee stop for the trio, found one that unfortunately didn’t seem to have anyone that would serve him coffee and because of more rubbish phone and internet reception (Digital Britain .. really?) Jonathan and Steve missed the venue that Andy had found and ended up heading on another 10 miles before they found a stop. But again with no phone signal, couldn’t tell Andy where they were.

But we all reconvened about 20 miles further up the road where the decision was made to make haste to Preston, the hotel and dry clothes.

There is little to say about the route as the tough conditions meant that it was head down virtually all of the way, but tomorrow promises to be much better. The weather forecast is improving, we hit the Lake District on our way to Carlisle and, all being well, we should pass through the half way to John o’Groats point – very excited!!


Day 5 Synposis:

Distance: 87.0 miles

Time – Cycling: 5 hours 49 mins

Speed – Average: 14.9mph  Max: 32.2mph

Amount of climbing: 2,969ft

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 5



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