4. Carrot Cake and wye not!

LEJoG Day 4 didn’t start too well.

Walking over a wet wooden floor in cycling cleats at the Marriott Hotel (that had no ‘wet floor’ sign) meant that Steve went clattering over and landed on his ribs and ended up winded and badly bruised – but we supportively said ‘man up’ and he got on his bike anyway!

The plan for a rendezvous with the Oblivion group plus friends worked perfectly this time (apart from one small chain malfunction) and we headed off up the magnificent Wye valley. This is a real gem of a ride with Tintern Abbey as it’s centrepiece …. one wit in the group has since commented that it’ll be lovely when it’s finished!!


As we left Monmouthshire and headed off to Hereford, we again deviated off the official route (we shouldn’t keep doing this as it doesn’t really help the excellent Discover Adventure organisers keep a track of us).

We had a wonderful trip to visit with Jane McAra’s sister, Kate and her family. Not only do they have a beautiful home, but I can tell you that Kate can bake a mean Carrot Cake!!!

Kate 1

We had our second mechanical malfunction as Jonathan realised that he could not change gear – so he and Olivia hurtled off into Hereford to find a great bike shop (Climb On Bikes) who fixed the problem in about 5 minutes!

One other great moment on todays ride was when the ‘lead’ group were cycling past a lovely couple, Sin and Hayley, who were having their wedding photos taken in front of some very impressive gates … perfect photo bomb moment … and what was bizarre was that they seemed to love it!!!

2016-09-02 20.05.22

After a second rendezvous, we were off again although the plan that was agreed is that we would split up for lunch so as not to cause any further problems for the organisers. That was the last we saw of the group until dinner that evening. With routes changing and very long hills to climb, it ended up being impossible to re-join the two parts ofthe group, but spirits were very high when we did all meet at the Peach Tree Restaurant in Shrewsbury.

2016-09-02 20.20.022016-09-02 20.51.52 2016-09-02 20.53.18

The photos speak for themselves about how great it was to have everyone together, but the highlight was the lovely Charlotte joining us (Jonathan’s sister and twin of Kate, who is the reason that Jonathan is doing this trip – read here for more details).

What you can’t capture with photos and a few words, is how much it meant to Jonathan, Andy and Steve to be joined by friends and so many of our Oblivion buddies – the support was both overwhelming and humbling!

Big hugs of thanks to you all!!


Day 4 Synposis:

Distance: 98.3 miles

Time – Cycling: 7 hours 38 mins

Speed – Average: 13mph  Max: 49.2mph

Amount of climbing: 5,870ft

Suffer score: 165

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 4



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