2. Moor and more rain!

LEJoG Day 2

There might be a light shower at about 11am, they said!

We set off from Liskeard in grey murky conditions this morning, but the conditions deteriorated as the morning went on. Then we went up on to Dartmoor and the light shower turned into a fully-fledged, can’t-see-where-you-are-going, glasses-fogging-up summer downpour.IMG_0813

This meant we got cold and wet – but spirits were high nonetheless – we were well on the way in day 2!

After lots of undulations, we eventually starting descending and that’s when it got really hairy. As per yesterday, when you are going downhill, you know there is going to be an uphill soon after, so you hurtle down the hills trying to build as much speed as possible – but today, we were doing that in wet foggy conditions.

IMG_0804Where we did enjoy moments of visibility, it was stunning, but the rest of the time it was just plain scary!

“Well just go a bit slower” I hear you say ….

“really????” you’ll hear me say back!

Max speed today 46.5 mph … boom!

On a serious note, a quick word for our new friend Paul Sweeney … an excellent bloke who went headlong into heather and rocks on one of the sharp bends. He is battered and bruised with soft tissue damage to his lower back, but has survived to tell the tale and is keen to get back on his bike tomorrow – what a star!IMG_0829

We’re now enjoying sometime in the lovely town on Tiverton. What we saw of Dartmoor was stunning, but I now have a newfound respect for friends that I know cycle this area all the time – and I am thinking particularly of the machine that is Andy Unstead, who does a massive amount for charity checkout:  http://www.velociraptorcycle.org.uk/)

So we have survived today, a little moister and a little wiser (perhaps) but tomorrow is a special day.

Most of the Oblivion Tour gang plus some additional friends are joining us at Cheddar – we will then cycle the magnificent Cheddar Gorge on our way up to Chepstow – and I can honestly say that Jonathan, Andy and I are really looking forward to seeing all of the gang … and that’s because they make us look good!!!

Can’t wait!!


Day 2 Synposis:

Distance: 69.6 miles

Time – Cycling: 5 hours 24 mins

Speed – Average: 13mph  Max: 46.5mph

Amount of climbing: 6,995ft

Suffer score: 122

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 2



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