1. Is there nothing flat in Cornwall?

LEJoG Day 1

Now don’t get me wrong – Cornwall is beautiful.

Everything about it Cornwall is fabulous – the coastline, the views, the people, the food – the list goes on.

However, when you are cycling around Cornwall, there is nothing flat.

Just have a look at the grey elevation chart below the map and you are constantly either going up or down!

Day1 Detail

Now up and down is not necessarily a problem.

However, in Cornwall, when you get a downhill run, it is invariably through a tree-covered, difficult to see bit – with a junction somewhere at the bottom, at which you have to stop or at least slow down.

Then comes the stinger. You’ve been hurtling down hill, but have now had to slow down so much that when you hit the uphill, you are probably in the wrong gear, in the wrong place on the road and with a parade of cars all waiting patiently … silently … ominously behind you!!



Cornwall is very, very pretty.

This is my first visit to Cornwall, but I promise that it won’t be my last – but next time I’ll be driving!!


Day 1 Synposis:

Distance: 75.2 miles

Time – Cycling: 5 hours 19 mins  Total: 6 hourse 59 mins

Speed – Average: 14.1mph  Max: 46.3mph

Amount of climbing: 6,184ft

Suffer score: 63

If you want to see a fly-through of our route (and some photos), click here: LEJoG Day 1




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