It’s great to Ride London


This weekend, a number of Oblivion Tourists, completed the 100 mile Prudential Ride London. Jonathan (Flash) Whitmore, Phil (Coins) Battye,  (Lord) Phillip Hunter, (Capn) Andy Thornley and I had a wonderful day.

This is a truly remarkable event with over 29,000 riders taking part in the 100 mile closed-road ride around London and Surrey. In 2013, the first Ride London had about 15,000 riders which is clear evidence for how rapidly cycling has increased in popularity. Now, including the 100 mile ride, over 100,000 cyclists get involved in the various different events over the weekend in what has become a true festival of cycling.

The 100 mile ride itself is special, not just because it takes place on closed roads, but because the atmosphere is fantastic with crowds cheering you on for almost every mile of the ride. These supporters are cheering for hours and hours!!The #RideLondon Medal

These closed roads also allowed us to hurtle around the course at astonishing speeds (even for us low-level mamils) averaging over 17 mph and with a maximum speed of 50 mph!

At this point, we must share a thought for those that were involved in incidents during the ride (33 in all were hospitalised including 2 with serious injuries and one person who, tragically, has since died) – whether this was as a result of inexperience, the speed, the sheer volume of riders, the challenge itself or just a freak accident, our hearts go out to their families and friends.

It’s also worth saying that the organisation and the staff were fantastic in dealing with problems and throughout the whole event, so a big thank you to them for putting in so much effort!28 Days to go

This event is a great advert for cycling and for Flash and I, this was an important part of our preparations for Lands End to John O’Groats.

It’s a sobering thought that, as we rest tired legs today, what we’ve done in one day, we are going to have to do every day for 10 consecutive days!

We now only have 28 days before we take on the toughest bike ride we’ve ever done!!

So, please consider supporting us at (and the fantastic team at Breast Cancer Care) at:


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