Latest News – Drugs Testing concern


There is grave concern about the Oblivion Tour cycling team having to be tested for use illegal substances.

The substance in question, known widely on the street as “Carrot Cake”, is alleged to increase testosterone to levels that might ‘fuel a bull on a bike’ – but there has been little or no scientific interest in testing the dubious phenomenon.

Carrot Cake
Muscle Lady



A spokesman for the Oblivion Team, Miss Lucinda J. Okehampton said;


“There is absolutely no evidence of any member of the team using performance enhancing chemicals” although off the record Miss Mildred did confess that she felt “there is some feel-good impact to be derived from the naughty little cakelette”.

Cake Baby




Meanwhile, Team Nutritionist and On-Tour chef, little Jimmy Bibbly said:


“What are you talking about – this stuff’s great!”




This story threatens to run and run!!


One comment

  1. carrotcake gate! This might turn out to be as (in)significant as the day Steve forgot to pack toilet paper for the Tour! Some say that is just a rumor, but I am not so Shute….??!

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