It’s all for charity, mate!!

Well, we did it.
We completed a tour of all 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Copyright 2014 Jonathan Whitmore – all rights reserved

Throughout our tour, we could not have hoped for a more hospitable welcome.

But we had three reasons for doing this tour:
1. To try to get a little fitter – and as you can see from the numerous photos, the years have not been kind to this renegade band!!
2. To raise a little money for charity along the way – and thorough the fantastic generosity of our supporters and sponsors, we have done just that.

There are still more donations coming in, but the tally is as follows;

Breast Cancer Care – £5,310
Action Medical Research for Children – £920
Maggies Centre – £1,200
The Dystonia Society – £160
Boss Benevolent Fund – £110
There is an additional £1,450 which will be transferred to AMR and BOSS Benevolent Fund once payment is received.

Giving the total of just over £9,150 raised this year – these are all great causes, so well done to those that are fundraising!!!
So, as we look at our activity over the last few years;

2010 London to Paris – £12,840
2012 London to Paris in 36 hours – £12,600
2013 London to Brussels – £4,390
and now 2014 Northern Ireland Tour – £9,150

This means that over the 4 years that the Oblivion Tour has been in existence, we have raised a staggering £38,980!!

3. The final reason was to have some fun along the way.spainflagimage7
On this tour, no-one takes themselves too seriously and this provides the sound basis for a wonderful camaraderie and is a key part of the reason why Tourists keep wanting to be involved.

Which brings us neatly to next year!

The 2015 Tour will be The Santander Spin – Follow this blog site or Leave A Reply below, to be notified when the 2015 Tour details are available!


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