Breaker Breaker 1 – 9

b-Ray-ker, b-Ray-ker, 1 – 9Ray Rubber Duck


This is the early stages of our truck-loading extravaganza!

But truckers are always prepared for every eventuality!

And for our Oblivion Tour, Ray is no trucking exception!

We are making sure that he is as trucking prepared as any trucker can be, with all the trucking things needed for a trucking long journey in the trucking cab!!

He will have;

A Rubber Duck – which, of course, will be mounted in pride of place on the trucking dashboard!

ray yorkieA triple pack of Yorkies – food of the kings of the trucking road!Red-Bull-Energy-Drink-can

Red Bull trucking caffeine drink – As any trucker will tell you, the most important preparation for a long journey is to be trucking well rested! However, it can be a welcome boost to wash the Yorkie down with a trucking nice can of Red Bull.

Ray Cycling WeeklyTruckers Music – it is essential to have a collection of the finest trucking music on the planet when cruising down the black highway.

Obligatory Porn Magazine – Ray will be equipped with a copy of Cycling Weekly which features a full double-paged spread of a completely naked  Canyon Aeroad and a very, very scantily clad Trek Emonda.Ray Tattoos

Air Freshener – Ray needs to keep the cab free of ‘man-smell’ so there will be a swinging football fragranced with the trucking classic scent of l’eau du football trucking vestiaire.

Ray VestRay ‘R’ Keyring – a man of class, can show that he’s a man of class with this distinctive ‘R’ key ring with it’s feature ‘love-ribbon’.

Tattoos – there is nothing that enhances the body beautiful more than some dramatic trucking body art. So Ray will have a full ‘arm-oury’ of stylish tattoos to wear with trucking pride.

White Vest – nothing says you’re a real man like a white vest to showcase your ‘tatts’. So, Ray can wear his trucking ‘uniform’ with pride wherever he goes in his trucking cab.

In preparation, Ray might want to brush up on his Trucker knowledge at this excellent trucking blog,

And now, Ray is ready for his trucking Oblivion roadtrip!!Ray Handover


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