8 Critical Tour Tools – EXCLUSIVE

As the 2014 Oblivion Tour, in aid of Breast Cancer Care, draws ever closer with just over a week to go, virtually all the training is done, the miles have been clocked and pounds have been shed (or not!).

The only thing left for our excited but anxious Tourists, is to clean their bikes, pack their bags and to buy some more bike stuff!!Invention Presenter

So, this is an EXCLUSIVE look at 8 key tools every Tourist has bought or is considering:

1. The On-Bike Presenter

A few of the Tourists are very important and may well take calls on the move, but there may well be one or two who need to inspire their troops even though they aren’t in attendance and therefore this on-bike lectern will be an indispensable accessory to the business-critical communicator.

2. The BikebequeInvention BBQ

Who doesn’t like a BBQ every now and then?

Well, the desire to buy this classy catering contraption is literally burning a hole in Tourists pockets (not really bothered whether you forgive the pun or not, tbh)

Looks good, cooks great!

3. Maxi Loo Rolls

Invention Loo RollThis last week, the issue of toilet rolls has vexed many of the Tourists. There have been concerns about whether there will be enough available to cater for all the needs of the Tour.

Now ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue, but we are keen to ensure that every eventuality is catered for – so we are investigating the Maxi Rolls that are shown in the picture. Whilst we may perhaps be over-catering slightly with each roll representing approximately 47,000 sheets (check spelling!), we will not run out!!!


Inventions Toilet

4. Bikelet (‘Bike and Toilet’ … see!)

On the theme of being prepared for every eventuality one Tourist, who keeps falling off his two wheeler, is considering moving up to this innovative 3 wheeler. An optional extra that can be factory-fitted is for a padded lid seat – perfect for those big mileage days!


5. Bikers WardrobeMaster bedroom closet

This is actually the new wardrobe recently installed by one of our Tourists.

The Tourist in question needs it as his previous wardrobe is now providing a wholly inadequate amount of space for his copious amounts of cycle kit.

Just this week, he has purchased two more cycle shirts.


6. Cup HolderInvention Coffee Cup

This is an actual picture of our Tour coffee specialist with his newly installed Coffee Cup holder.

We are very glad that he has done this as he gets frustrated (and, to be frank, a little bit tetchy) when he doesn’t get his regular and frequent expresso hits.


7. Google Glass Bike EditionInvention Google Glass

This invention is still in final beta testing, but shows great promise.

The cyclist speaks into the built-in voice recognition system mounted in the frame of the glass-hood and then a heads-up display (HUD) shows the full power of the internet as a 360 degree surround sound enhanced content augmented reality screen.

… plus it’s great for keeping the bugs out of your mouth!!


8. EXCLUSIVE – Garmin Edge OneMillionInvention Garmin 1 Million2

This is the brand new model in Garmin’s fabulous range of on-bike computers.

And the Oblivion Tour has been allowed EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes access to be able to photograph this cutting edge technology in the actual Garmin showrooms.

Whilst this Garmin is fractionally larger than the previous excellent Garmin 1000 model, and is componentised, it also boasts a phenomenal range of additional features including;

  • Rear impact protection
  • Small compartments for storing stuff
  • Two stylish illuminated signs on each side of the device
  • A stylish new brown wood effect on the kevlar carbon wafer construction
  • And finally the unique Mobile Attenuated Paper System

Tourists have advanced orders for many of these fabulous and ground-breaking accessories, so which one is your favourite and why?

Please add your answers below, and a winner will be chosen at random to receive nothing (sorry but tight budget, but hey it’s the thought that counts!)

“Whatever you do, do it with style!!”


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