5 things to hate about Summer

Summer Hay FeverSo, here’s the thing, Summer is great – lots to do, everyone smiling, sitting out people watching, barbeques, the list goes on.

But there are 5 things that do drive you mad about Summer, and one is especially maddening for cyclists!!

So, here’s the list;

1. Hay Fever (and include tree pollen allergies)

There is nothing redeeming about hay fever – you don’t feel good and you certainly don’t look good – you dribble everywhere – and there is little that you can do about!Summer caravan

2. Caravans

Now to be fair, caravans are a great way to holiday, they provide a fantastic home-from-home – but do they really have to use the road? Now this is not having a go at caravan lovers and no-one likes generalisations, but equally no-one can deny that when you are trying to get somewhere in the Summer and you can’t, it’s probably because of a caravan!!

3. The Weather

Okay, it is very British to moan about the weather – but all over the country people are ‘enjoying’ storms, lightning, greyness – AND IT’S JULY!!!  Just today an Oblivion  Tourist described the weather he was enduring as ‘biblical’!

4. Topless Blokes (Picture deleted to protect children and those of a sensitive disposition)

Not sure we need to discuss this one – the advise from the Oblivion Press Office is that if you see a man walking down your high street or through your lovely park, and he’s topless, just walk up to him and politely but firmly (with a pointing finger) say “NO!” and if he argues or tries to defend his indefensible position, say even more sternly “Just NO!”

5. Finally, the cyclists curse, Bugs!!Summer flies

Bugs and cyclists definitely do not go together.

Now, I like protein as much as the next cyclist, but I like mine dead and then cooked, and ideally served with a nice glass of red wine! I do not like it buzzing in my mouth as I am cycling downhill at 35mph!! Today on a nice 50 mile ride, two more Tourists nearly consumed their body weight in the flying pests!

There is, of course, a valid argument that could be coined as “keep your mouth shut and you won’t eat bugs” – but, in fairness, it is not necessarily easy to cycle with your mouth closed when your nose is dribbling constantly!Swarm of Flies

And what is that about anyway? Why is it that when you do strenuous exercise, your nose seems to dribble constantly, eventually you run out of sleeve to wipe on and have to resort to sniffing the flow back like you’re trying to sniff start a Harley Davidson … not pretty. (As a slight tangent, this article sheds some light on the ‘exercise-induced rhinitis’ if you are interested: http://www.womenscycling.ca/blog/health-tips/when-you-cycle-does-your-nose-run/)

Anyway, bugs – what have they ever done for us?

So, as you are enjoying your Summer, the Oblivion Tour wishes you no allergies, no caravans, no silly weather, no near naked men and absolutely and definitely we hope that you enjoy a bug-free diet at all times!!!


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