A great story

Desmond and Conal

Desmond (left) and Conal (right) Austin

One of our intrepid Oblivion Tourists, Phillip Hunter, was in Le Mans and on the way down to Le Mans, he gave a lift to Desmond Austin, brother of another Le Mans regular, Conal Austin.

Desmond was previously chief inspector of police and is now volunteers as the coxswain of the lifeboat service based out of Portrush – and Desmond has kindly invited us for a tea stop when we cycle through Portrush in a few weeks time.

Find out more about the Portrush Lifeboat

All three (Phillip, Desmond and Conal) bought some charity cycling tops in the Le Mans “village” (as you can see in the photo).

The text on the shirt says something along the lines of “Have a heart so that they can have one”.

This shirt is for a French charity called Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque that operates on children with heart problems in France bringing them in from poorer countries. Conal Sri Lanka

However, Conal is a surgeon who does the opposite – he goes out to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks each year and operates there, absolutely gratis, helping to teaching the local doctors while he is at it.

Click here to read Conals most recent story.

So, as we try to do our bit in raising some money for our nominated charitable causes, this is a great story of two people giving something back to their local and global community.


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