Brokeback Mountains

When you are truly focused on a goal, you need to be prepared to bend over backwards to achieve your goal.

Over the last few weekends, training for the 300 miles of Northern Ireland tour has really got underway in earnest, with lots of groups going out on big training rides and hitting lots of the countries hills and mini-mountains.

But, the increase in training pressure has taken it’s toll … on equipment and body.Broken Spokes

Not broken backs, you understand.

But there have been broken Riding Glasses, broken Spokes, broken Skin, broken Lungs and maybe a damaged liver or two!!

But, with only 5 weeks left until the tour starts, nothing will dent the commitment and determination of this steely bunch.

We’ve been in touch with Belfast City Community Development Team, who have offered fantastic support to us and are promoting the Tour through their council magazine that is delivered to every household in Belfast.Dineen

We have also been told that we will have riders accompanying us out of Belfast from the City Council, Breast  Cancer Care Team in Belfast and also from the East Belfast Old Guys – this is presumably to make sure that we leave their lovely city … reputation proceeds us, and all that!!

Plus we will be meeting with good friends, Kieran and Stephen from the excellent Dineen Office Supplies.

This may well be the toughest ride this Tour has taken on so far, especially as we will also be taking on a significant portion of the route that was used for the recent Giro d’Italia that was hosted in Northern Ireland – and we are absolutely guaranteed a fabulously warm welcome!!

“We are guaranteed a fabulously warm welcome!!”

I’ve never seen the movie of the same name as this blog but if, as I suspect, it’s about cycling, then I guess the characters had just a hard a ride as we are going to have … but it will be worth it in the end!!


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