Highlights …

So, here are the highlights from this weekends training with the Oblivion Tour only 8.5 weeks away!!

3CCR 5_30



3CCR Team photo

(But we’re not mention who did this before we even left, are we?)

Chris Hoy fall

Then we’re off:

3CCR and theyre off

And some of the ‘newbies’ took off like rockets:

3CCR Rocket 2

Then there was this:                                                               And far too much of this:

3CCR Saints 3CCR Tiara









Then there was this:

3CCR Puncture

A quick stop:                                                                                       Or two:

3CCR drink stop 3CCR Cafe Nero








And we were all in awe of:

3CCR Single


But sadly, there were Oblivion Tourists that were not in attendance – they were busy with other things:

3CCR Sailing 3CCR Pope 3CCR wedding


But we now have just over 8 weeks before we tackle:

Day 4 Elevations

All in aid of;

Breast-Cancer-Care-logo Action-logo




Boss Ben Fund maggiesLogo






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