So, what’s the (government) plan?

Now this is not really a forum for political comment, but you can’t help asking questions when you are cycling around the countryside and the question for this week is “what is going on with the governments cycling policy?”

Increasingly when cycling in a town, we come to a junction and see a box like the one shown at the top of the page.

For the most part, bikes go in the cycle lane, and cars use the rest of the lane.

Then you come to this box and the government logic appears to be for us to spread our bikes across the whole of the road.

So now the cars in the lane are all sat behind a ‘wall’ of bikes, all of who are trying to get clipped back into pedals, build up sped and not fall off! I bet you all the Lycra Lube in the country that they’re not going to be happy!Collapsed drain

Is it just me who thinks that this is a really good formula for creating tension between cyclists and drivers?

It would seem to make much more sense to have a road strategy where drivers queue at a junction in their lane and cyclists queue in the cycle lane.

And then there is the cycle lane itself.

This is essentially supposed to be a safe haven for the cyclist … except, of course,  for the drain hole every 100 yards, which is probably collapsing, and results in the cyclist weaving in and out like a really, really windy river.

PostitBut what gets really interesting is that you’ll often find an excellent cycle lane on a nice wide road.

However, as soon as the road narrows, the cycle lane disappears – which is difficult at a time when the cyclist probably needs most protection. This one is clearly a difficult problem to solve, but just ending the cycle lane and expecting the cyclist to disappear, or to suddenly ride into the line of fast moving traffic, is not a good solution.

So, as we continue to see more and more people taking to their bikes, let’s hope we see a better plan to encourage bikes and cars to share the road without conflict.

This is brilliant – and so, I rest my case!!


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