Hard Work

With only 12 weeks to go before Departure Day for the 2014 Oblivion Tour, the real hard work starts.

When you read the manual, they tell you that there is no substitute for ‘getting the miles in your legs’ – the idea is that in order to do a long distance ride, you need to do a number of long distance rides in preparation.

This seems a bit like saying that if you want to have a curry takeaway on Friday, you need to have a bit of curry a few times before to prepare yourself – to get the miles into your stomach, so to speak!

Or to do some good DIY, you need to do some other DIY first!?!keep-calm-and-pull-your-finger-out

Anyway, the training starts now. And I am delighted to report that there has been a great deal of activity already;

– 2 tourists have bought a copy of the excellent Cycling Plus magazine

– 1 tourist focused on stamina by personally parking 1,500 cars – yes, 1,500!

– 1 tourist has decided to get his finger out

– 1 tourist went to the Middle East (is this on a rec’y for a future tour perhaps?)

– And 1 tourist bought a telescope so he could scan for the best training areas

An impressive start, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Truth is that the better prepared this motley crew can be, the more we are likely to enjoy this 300 mile expedition!

.. 12 weeks to go!!


One comment

  1. The tourist in the Middle East is training in 40 deg C heat in anticipation of the fabulous weather expected at Oblivion 2014. A future tour in Qatar has not been ruled out, but the lack of bacon has been cited by other tourists as “a bit of a showstopper”

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