So, this weekend, all around the country Tourists have been out training and preparing for heading off to Oblivion in July. And yesterday, at 6:30am, a group of bleary-eyed Tourists headed to Huntingdon Racecourse for 80 miles over the rolling Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire countryside.

Brilliant, crisp winter sunshine, excellent Wiggle organisation – a cracking day.


And to top it all off, 7,692 calories were consumed – that has got to help with getting the weight down – and just a quick tally of the small amount of energy . . .

6 litres of high-carbohydrate energy drink

8 large pieces of flapjack

3/4lb of jelly beans

3 large bananas

2 anti-cramp pills

1 cup of milky coffee

4 fig rolls

2 oreos

3/4 litre of post ride recovery milkshake

and a post-ride hog roast roll

Total calories consumed =  7,698


So, there is only one inevitable conclusion;

if you don’t want to put on weight, give up cycling and … stay in bed!!!

or this will be the result!


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