2014 and Warming your heart..

Plans are now well underway for THE OBLIVION TOUR 2014 to Northern Ireland.

30th July to 3rd August 2014

We will be cycling clockwise through the six counties of Northern Ireland over mountains and round lakes, crossing causeways and visiting launchways – and all to try to get a little fitter and to raise some money for some very worthy causes!!Northern Ireland Counties Map

As we near the end of January, the rain is falling and the temperature is dropping – and huddled up indoors, the emails are firing out to hotels, B&B’s, airlines, ferries and community centres.

So, it was with great delight that I took a phone call late last night from the owner of the Lough Erne Hotel, Alan Castle, who was responding to my enquiry about accommodation costs. This is a small hotel that sits on the banks of the River Kesh as it feeds into Lough Erne and surrounded by hills and forests.

Lough Erne HotelAlan said that he was very impressed with what we were trying to do and out of the blue, Alan has offered a very generous donation towards our cause.

This is a beautiful location with wonderfully community-spirited management – why not put it on your agenda??!! 

Then the Bayview Hotel in Portballintrae have also told us that they intend to support us by doing some fundraising before we arrive with them – assuming that we make it over the Sperrins, that is!

We’ve even been contacted by a lovely lady called Sandra who is the Belfast City Council Community Development Officer offering her assistance and the facility to help with the promotion of our tour to the population of Belfast.

So, we’ve only just starting organising the 2014 Oblivion Tour and we’ve already got complete strangers from all over Northern Ireland wanting to help us and to raise more money for charity – now if that doesn’t give you a lovely warm feeling in your heart on a cold winters evening, I don’t know what will!!


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