It’s not all about the bike!

This is the title of Lance Armstrong’s autobiography – and it makes for an excellent fictional read!

However, this book does hold some really interesting pointers. One key message was about kit. Ensuring that the rider and the bike are in top condition is important. But to maximise performance, it is also important to ensure that all of the other elements of kit are right. And so it is that we turn to the tour shirts.


Emblazoned with the charity logos and the logos of our fantastic sponsors (to whom we again offer our huge thanks) we need to place the order.

But here’s the rub – have you seen the size and shape of the riders in the Tour De France? Cycling shirts manufacturers assume that all cyclists have the same skinny physique as the warriors of the TdF. It’s not true!

Look out of your window on any Sunday and you will see that lycra-loving road cyclists are mostly rotund individuals.mamil

There is something truly humbling about thinking that you’ve done okay to trim down a bit for the ride and are starting to look good – then having to place an order for a 2XL shirt and still thinking that it might be too tight – might just need to console ourselves with one more cereal bar!!

Please have pity on us:


One comment

  1. Just read “about steverobinson101” and feel that your background is more “fish and chips” than “blue chip”, but what would I know ?

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