Inspirational Training Message

So, we are now less than 5 weeks from the London 2 Brussels Bike Rid

e and the tension is building. But everyone’s training seems to be going very well.

Ian Hill

Some of these committed athletes are choosing to focus their resources on ensuring that their red wine nutritional demands are being met, others have chosen to go on holiday and work on their cycling tan, some have indeed done some cycling appearing to believe that cycling 5 Centuries will make them better riders, while others have chosen to walk up a hill!!

When taken in the round, with each person doing one bit of training and no one person feeling the burden of having to do everything – training, nutrition, walking and tanning! It is too much for any one person!


There is nothing that is being left to chance – over the summer, I read Clive Woodward’s autobiography. I’m not sure who it was written by, but it was a damn good read and he talks a lot about nothing being left to chance.

That’s how this group operates – we may not win the Rugby World Cup, but if it comes to walking up hills, drinking red wine, looking well tanned and doing something 5 times for no reason, there will be no finer performers and that’s why we are proud to be a part of this venture!

4 weeks and counting….


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