More support needed!

One of the great benefits of getting involved in a major sporting challenge like our London-to-Brussels Bike Ride for Breast Cancer Care is the camaraderie, the team-building, the opportunity to pat each other on the back and say, well done!!

So, it is with some serious surprise that the opening salvos of communication have been filled with the noise of people taking the mickey out of each other!!

Now we are used to a degree of this as we frequently see Vikings and Country Bumpkins flirtatiously sparring with each other – but this banterous heckling is reaching new levels … new depths!Telling Off

It must stop – we are a team.

So from now on, all abuse needs to be clearly couched in a positive and supportive manner.

For example;

“Sounds a bit lightweight to me” should be positioned as;

“I have always seen you as a hardcore and professional rider and so it’s a real shame that you are not able to join us as it might give the obviously false impression that you are something of a lightweight”

See how much better and more supportive that sounds.

Hope that’s helped!


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