It’s all balls!

Training rides are good!

We all need to be getting the miles in, with your objective to be a few 20 milers during the week and then a good big ride at the weekend (50 miles plus).

I know that it’s not easy to find the time, but this will ensure that you ‘enjoy’ the London-Brussels and not just ‘survive’ it!!devils_punchbowl302

So, it was with this in mind that 5 of us met on the edge of the Devils Punchbowl at 8:30 on Sunday morning with an objective of blistering around a 75 mile course that Boytie had found! Most of us were bright eyed and busy tailed (especially Phil Battye who’d driven 2 hours to join in and Andy Thornley who had only decided late on Saturday evening to join us) but there were others who were nursing something of a hangover!!!

A small mechanical problem with one of the bikes and a coffee stop at a Wild Bean Cafe, meant that we had only done 8 miles in the first hour. But for the next few hours we set a blistering pace of around 12 miles an hour – a reasonable mile munching speed!Cycling rain

But then the rain came down and forced us to have another coffee stop courtesy of Cafe Nero and curtail the 75 miles down to about 54 miles.

This was very welcome for one rider who, very early on in the day, had somehow, trapped … how can I put this … trapped one of his little brussels sprouts when he was adjusting his foot on his pedal!!  For some miles, he was constantly rolling around on his seat trying to find a comfortable space – Phil Battye spend some time questioning the agonised individual on exactly ‘how’ this unfortunate incident had occurred as he was struggling to picture it!!Brussels sprouts

I struggled to be sympathetic as all this talk about the ‘unfortunates’ spheres just make me laugh – all I could picture as this was being discussed was the Belgian landmark, the Atomium, with it’s magnificent connected balls – which will be the  finishing point on our London-Brussels ride!!

Surely, we are all going to be more supportive and sympathetic when it comes to the ride itself – something to ponder perhaps!!!

Keep up the training – and fulfil your potential!!!


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