The Oblivion Tour 2013 – London – Bruges – Brussels


This year our plan is to ride from London to Bruges to Brussels from the 5th – 8th September 2013, and our plan is as follows:

Thursday 5th September          London* to Dover – 100 miles

Night stop in/near Calais

Friday 6th September              Calais to Bruges – 100  miles

Night stop in/near Bruges

Saturday 7th September          Bruges to Brussels – 80 miles

Night stop in/near Brussels

Sunday 8th September             Return to St Pancras via Eurostar

(distances are estimates)

Standard – For the avoidance of any doubt (and hopefully eliminating any nervousness on the part of the riders), this will not be at the level of an Olympic Road Race – this is a trip geared up and planned mainly for those whose 20’s are a dim and distant memory – we will have a steady cycling pace, averaging 12mph over the trip (which even my mother can manage) – and hopefully no-one will be left behind (unless they are rude to locals, wear overly colourful lycra or challenge the rooming allocations at any point).images (1)

So, 12 hardy souls have decided that it is now time to take their lives and wallets in their hands and sign up for The 2013 Oblivion Tour;


This trip will take us through some of the most stunning scenery in Kent and through some of the most historic parts of Europe.

*Our departure point – Andy lives in a small village in Surrey called Woldingham and has access to the village hall almost right next door – so this seems to be a perfect starting location for us and would allow us to drop everything off to a safe location very conveniently beforehand.

We are again organising the trip ourselves, but will have a ‘group’ charity for those who would like to use this event as an opportunity to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, the Boss Benevolent Fund and possibly one or two other chosen charities.

Breast-Cancer-Care-new-brand11benfund-logo-new (1)

This ride is not for the faint-hearted, but it is for the strong-willed and for the fantastic work that the fabulous people at BCC do for those less fortunate than ourselves!

So, Bring It On!!!


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