The campaign begins

So, we are now about 10 weeks away from our trek to Brussels to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and a few other charities close to our hearts.


But as always, our real reason for doing this ride is to try to fight off the ravages of time which, as you may know if you know any of the team, is taking it’s toll – despite the fantastic support we’ve been getting!!

On that point, it’s worth introducing the team to you – The Tour this year consists of the following fine specimens:

Ray Sterry

Fredrik Motzfeldt

Phil Battye

Philip Hunter

Mark Boyt

Jonathan Whitmore

Andrew Thornley

Tristen Hinds

Ian Matthews

John Pritchard

Nick Boyt

and me!

With our formidable crew again being:

Richard & Peter.

We have now booked most of our hotel accommodation, most of the restaurants and the Eurostar back and are just finalising the ferry details.

Plans are well underway – all that remains is to get some training in and it is fair to say that it has not been easy given the unusually poor spring / summer weather.


But we are a hardy bunch, and although carrying an umbrella on a bike is no easy thing, (as you can see on the right, we are working on an option for that) – we will prevail or get blown off our bikes in the process!!

We will keep you posted here on our progress and if you would like to show some small amount of support, please don’t applaud or shower praise on us, just go to our Just Giving page and show us how much you love us and our charities there!

Thank you!


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